Raw Audio

For our Raw Audio File assignment I interviewed Alison Clarke, a University of Wyoming soccer player, about her experiences as a college athlete.

Interviewing Alison was very easy. She had plenty to say when I asked questions and spoke very clearly. When I was being interviewed I felt nervous about the introduction and felt like I took an eternity to say my name wand what I was talking about. Once the interview turned more conversational I became more comfortable, other than when I began to cough, which was embarrassing.

Both interviewing and being interviewed were good experiences. The only thing I did not like about the interviews was putting time constraints on them. Having to watch the clock made it difficult to decide when to start wrapping up the interview. When I was interviewing Alison, I noticed there was just more than one minute before we reached the deadline so I asked if she had anything else she would like to say. She said no and the interview just passed the four minute thirty seconds mark. I found that situation stressful. Had I been more confident I would have asked a question and got an answer within the allotted time.

For when I was being interviewed I wish I had a taken a drink of water before being asked the questions. Having a dry throat, while not awful, made the interview more stressful than it had to be.

When I was interviewing I wish I had asked one more question to get a bit more audio for the next assignment and not been so close to the minimum allowed time.

Overall I feel both interviewing and being interviewed went well. I am confident that in the future I can successfully interview a person and get good quality audio and good answers from my interviewee.


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