Video Project

The event we covered for the video project was the fall 2014 Destresser at the University of Wyoming Union. The event is a celebration of the last day of classes and a time to destress before finals. There was cotton candy, stuffed animals, a mechanical bull and other events.

I enjoyed the interviews very much. Setting up the camera and talking with people was fun. I also enjoyed the editing process. Putting together the video was a relaxing experience, having it come together was very rewarding.

I did not enjoy the amount of space video takes up on my hard drive or how long it takes to upload a video to Youtube. I shot the video in 1080p and while it is only 2:30 long it is 2 gigabytes, the unedited data was more than 10 gigs, I may not shoot in 1080p again if it is for a class assignment. Uploading the 2 gig video to Youtube took over an hour which was frustrating as it tied-up my computer.

I was surprised by how little time capturing video and editing video takes. Nothing about my equipment surprised me because I practiced with it before I went out to shoot.

What I found difficult about this assignment was the choosing b-roll footage and the final quote to wrap up the video. Choosing b-roll was difficult because each shot had its own merits but getting it to match the tone of the story was harder than I thought it would be. Picking the final quote was difficult because when interviewing I may not have asked a question that resulted in an answer that summed up the video.

I would like to add video to my repertoire as a photographer. Weddings, athletes and businesses could all use quality videography for promotions or just to capture memories. I would also like to produce videos for my own website.


Live Tweeting

This assignment is to tweet a live event. We need to post at least 10 times about the event and to get an A we needed a photo. The event I chose to cover was the University of Wyoming Mens Basketball game Sunday, December 7 in the Arena Auditorium against the Regis Rangers.

I enjoyed sitting back at the game and spending more time just watching instead of shooting like I normally do. I also enjoyed determining what was tweet-worthy and what wasn’t.

I did not like still having to try to take pictures and write down interesting things that happened. I tried to do do exactly 10 tweets so I felt I was too selective in my tweeting.

I learned that keeping up with stats can be difficult, while the scoreboard has the main stats like points fouls etc., getting seasonal stats, shooting percentages and the like requires a computer, which I could not use sitting on the floor. I also learned that figuring out hashtags ahead of time makes tweeting much easier.

I was surprised by a few things while working on this assignment. The first thing was that the tweets were easy enough to write quickly that I never missed much of the game. Another thing I didn’t expect was how difficult it would be to get a good qoute from fans, they did not say anything really interesting.

I wish I had got the quotes before the game to make the writing a little faster. I also wish I had tweeted more than 10 times. More tweets would have been more informative if people were following me.

I hope to use social media to expose people to my work, get customers for my photography business and network with people in my field to stay current with trends in the photography industry both locally and globally.