Video Project

The event we covered for the video project was the fall 2014 Destresser at the University of Wyoming Union. The event is a celebration of the last day of classes and a time to destress before finals. There was cotton candy, stuffed animals, a mechanical bull and other events.

I enjoyed the interviews very much. Setting up the camera and talking with people was fun. I also enjoyed the editing process. Putting together the video was a relaxing experience, having it come together was very rewarding.

I did not enjoy the amount of space video takes up on my hard drive or how long it takes to upload a video to Youtube. I shot the video in 1080p and while it is only 2:30 long it is 2 gigabytes, the unedited data was more than 10 gigs, I may not shoot in 1080p again if it is for a class assignment. Uploading the 2 gig video to Youtube took over an hour which was frustrating as it tied-up my computer.

I was surprised by how little time capturing video and editing video takes. Nothing about my equipment surprised me because I practiced with it before I went out to shoot.

What I found difficult about this assignment was the choosing b-roll footage and the final quote to wrap up the video. Choosing b-roll was difficult because each shot had its own merits but getting it to match the tone of the story was harder than I thought it would be. Picking the final quote was difficult because when interviewing I may not have asked a question that resulted in an answer that summed up the video.

I would like to add video to my repertoire as a photographer. Weddings, athletes and businesses could all use quality videography for promotions or just to capture memories. I would also like to produce videos for my own website.


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