News Diet

I generally like to get my news for particular subjects from one or two sites. For technology news I like because they don’t just do product reviews and launch announcements, they also write stories about legal cases relating to technology and emerging technologies.

For sports news I always use the website for the league that I am looking into, whether it is the NFL, MLB or college football. These sites generally have the most up to date information and frequently have exclusive content relating to their sports.

For general news I usually just go to I am not a huge fan of their site but my email address is with them and it is too convenient not to use them. They generally have the biggest national stories on their front page and that makes it easy to see big stories.

All the news I read is slanted toward an American perspective. I do not seek out other points of view because I prefer the points of view that relate to me the most.

I feel that entertainment can be informative. Shows like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show contain real news delivered in a way that the average American can appreciate. Even shows that are not meant to be educational or informative can be. Archer, a cartoon about a womanizing spy with mommy issues is filled with historical references, vocabulary and grammar lessons.

Who knew the exploits of an alcoholic spy could be so educational?

Who knew the exploits of an alcoholic spy could be so educational?

My fiancé and I both have studied Journalism in college and we often share interesting news we encounter on the internet or radio. Since we both use different sources for our news I feel my news diet is far more diverse than it would be without her. We almost always disagree on the issues. Most days whether it is through Facebook, texts or the phone, one of us shares a news story we found interesting.

While I love reading and watching news I need to be better about viewing the news more regularly. Too often I will read about a story and I never find out what the end result was.